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Inthe year 2022,a truly healthy trend started to circulate: The Lo-Fi Study Girl.A girl in headphones is seated at her desk and studying as a hip-hop-inspired lo-fi soundtrack plays in the background.

The animation loop is an inspiration for a character from Studio Ghibli’s movieWhisper of the Heart.The film is aboutShizuku Tsukishima,who struggles to reconcile her love of writing and preparing for high school entrance exams.

The person who started the meme would make use of footage of Shizuku’s studies for their streams. After certain copyright violations, the creators urged artists to create a new version of the scene.This is howLo-Fi Study Girlwas born.

Updated by Garima Singh on June 6th, 2024.

In the spirit of Shizuku’s struggles and the message Lo-Fi, Study Girl stands for as well, I’ll be tallying the top 10 anime that inspire us to study.

The word “study” could refer to any topic, but to ensure that it’s constant, I’ll focus on anime instead of the book.

Let’s begin with a few specific areas.These are subjects that we can easily imagine ourselves studying in a classroom.

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15. Little Witch Academia

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“A trusting heart is your power!” Atsuko “Akko” Kagari’s idol, the famed witch Shiny Chariot, spoke to her in a magical performance many years ago.

Since then, Akko has lived by these words and has aspired to become a witch like Shiny Chariot, one who will make people smile.

So, even her lack of magic background doesn’t hinder her from registering at Luna Nova Magical Academy.

But, when a giddy Akko is finally able to go to her school of choice, her journey to school is anything but easy.

Following her dangerous journey, she meets the timid Lotte Yansson as well as the hilarious Sucy Manbavaran.To her absolute joy, she finds the wand of Chariot, the Shiny Rod, which she can use on her own.

However, her time with Luna Nova will prove to be more difficult than Akko would ever imagine.

She is determined to not be behind her fellow students, particularly herself, and her self-professed rival, the stunning and talented Diana Cavendish.

So she depends upon her willpower to pay for her reckless conduct and lack of proficiency when it comes to magic.

In a period where magic is in decline, the story ofLittle Witch Academia follows the enchanting adventures that follow Akko and her friends as they discover the meaning behind being a witch.

14. The Royal Tutor

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It’s all in the name.This is possibly the most motivating anime in the field of education.

For all we know, every episode is focused on self-improvement and studying.

The story goes like this:A tutor is brought into an edifice to groom, study and instruct four princes, who may one day be kings.

Every prince has his particular flaws when is to their studies.Their previous tutor was not successful.

This is the place whereHeine Wittgensteinis.Aka-“The Royal Tutor”.

There’s no way to go through this show without taking the “motivation” from it to work harder.

You’ll be enticed by the self-improvement of each character, and it will give you the necessary motivation.

13. Denpa Kyoushi

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Like Assassination Classroom,Denpa Kyoushihas an emphasis on self-improvement.

While some episodes aren’t focused on studies in a conventional sense, every episode will teach you something useful.

It’s the lessons (like increasing your confidence) that will inspire you to do better in your studies.

Change your outlook about things, which can indirectly benefit you.

12. Hyouka

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It’s a mystery anime series, therefore at first, it could be “weird” to recommend this.

However, at its core,Hyouka’s an intellectual and introspective animethat forces you to think and think.

Certain of the components are related to “studying” or doing things that don’t inspire you.

The anime makes “boring” themes sound fascinating and thrilling.Due tothe perspective.

Try it out and see if it helps you in the most unexpected of ways.

11. Rokudenashi

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The main theme of this animation is fantasy and magic.

In the first two shows inRokudenashithe topic of education is among the main subjects.

For instance, Glenn Radars, the main character, provides an illustration that shows how the words trigger an emotional reaction.

The lessons in the series are educational and remain throughout the series, however, they are not as extensive as the first few episodes.

Despite the episode’s 2nd episode’s episode’s episode, this show is mostly in the right direction.

10. The Wolf and Spice

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If you are asked to describe the show, the most humorous response is typical “Economicswith a Wolf God.” It’s funny because it’s real.

The show divides its time between establishing relations between Lawrence, who trades, and Holo, the god of wolves, and investigating the trading practices of the medieval world.

Many business skills can be seen in the establishment of trade relationships, tracking exchange rates for currencies, and investing in ventures in business.

The story is meticulous and requires a lot of time to explain what’s taking place, yet it isn’t a lecture.

It keeps you involved with those interpersonal connections that are naturally formed through business connections.In truth, the best method of describing this kind of series is “The Business of People.”

9. Science Fell in Love, So I tried to prove it

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The title of the article says it all.It has nothing to do with any specific scientific field and has more to do with the scientific method and how researchers go about researching, forming hypotheses, and accumulating information.

In this particular instance, however, the protagonists are determined to prove they love each other, to comic effect.

This is the main point of the plot, but the show does a great job of explaining the scientific method and the best way to apply it.It usually does this by cutting away at a passive-aggressive teddy bear. However, it’s educational.

The main message that this anime is trying to communicate more than anything else is the fact that scientific analysis can be used on any subject and that having a greater knowledge of the world is not a bad thing.

What else could you possibly see in an anime in which characters argue that dating sims can be difficult to use?

Are you unsure of what that means?It’s time to learn.

8. Chihayafuru

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Remember, you are learning to remember the dates of historical events. Chemical equations, dates, or vocabulary words?Try it and more, but with 100 poems.

Then, try to identify the poems by their closing lines.You can then try it in a friendly match of Memory.The game I have described is a popular pastime in Japan called “Uta-Garuta” or “Poetry Karuta”.

It might seem easy, but once the skills come in, you realize how intense and fast these games can become.

Chihaya, our main character Ayase, aspires to be the top Karuta player in Japan and must learn and improve her reflexes to stay ahead of the pack.

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It’s not unusual for people to be able to identify the poem by just the first word or the very first vowel.Although it’s time-consuming and hard as it might be, it’s often the most effective method of learning.

However, the reward is valuable.

7. Heaven’s Design Team

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God made the world, including land and sea, but populating it with animals was a problem and a hassle.He contracted it out to a group of artists.

With vague requests such as “has no wings but still flies” and “animal that tickles the maternal instincts,” each episode becomes a guessing contest for viewers.

This show is the perfect mix ofzoologicallyinteresting facts andinnovative thinking.

Animal lovers will take pleasure in the bizarre trivia that enthralls all animals, and those with an artistic inclination will be able to identify with the frustrating requests and random creativity.

Have you ever heard that unicorns aren’t able to exist due to calcium deficiency?

Or that bats are flying horses?

And who knew that so many animals consume the feces of other animals?

Learning can be enjoyable, and the characters show the highest levels of pleasure and commitment to their craft.

6. Cells at work

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Japan can transform everything into a charming anime model, and that includes platelets.Cells At Work falls into the category of edutainment.

Each episode is devoted to a physical or mental illness and explores how the body functions at an individual level.A lot of research and depth goes into each part of the series.

Biology classes could also integrate this show into their courses.Some videos show doctors reacting to the show and explaining the plot in more detail.This alone ought to be enough to get people interested.

The choice to identify every cell type according to its role in the human body offers an entertaining experience while being highly accurate in biological terms.

There’s an equation that can lead to educational excellence. Cells at Work perfected it.It’s now time to move on to more general studies.

Instead of focusing on a single topic, these shows encourage the feeling of personal and academic growth.

They are the characters who are awe-inspiring because of their intelligence and critical thinking skills, as well as their determination to know more.

5. The Quintessential Quintuplets

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The anime may be more of a harem-oriented romantic comedy, but the academic elements are what propel the plot forward.

Futaro Uesugiis hired to teach students like theNakanoquintet,each of whom is at risk of failing to get out of high school.

There is plenty of comedy and jolly good times in the show, but it excels in the development of the relationships Futaro can build with his sisters in the course of academics.

Futaro may be a straight-A student, but his snarky personality is only able to get him there and he grows more likable.

However, the sisters begin to think that he’s an intruder, and it’s not worth their time. But they eventually begin to be more open and to be open to his help.

This is a delicate balance that Futaro and the other sisters are always changing, something anyone watching will appreciate.

4. Ascendance of a Bookworm

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While many Isekai shows rely on tropes or power fantasies for subversion, this one uses the genre to study adapting to something brand new.

Urano Mototsu is a confessed bookworm who reincarnates in the body of a young girl called Myne.

She has all the experiences from her previous lives, which include everything she learned by reading books.

This knowledge allows her to get the most out of her new lifestyle, where magic is everywhere, books are a necessity, and modern methods are absent.

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The concept is simple; however, the show takes its time to build a world by going above and beyond to demonstrate that Myne’s current knowledge is a commodity at best and a burden at worst.

However, she utilizes her extensive knowledge to enhance the people around her.

With her determination and a piece of extensive information, Myne proves that anything can be accomplished.

3. Dr. Stone

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The concept is similar to the previous one. However, this show shows the power of knowledge to provide everything you need from the beginning.

If humanity is mysteriously petrified and 3000 years have passed, Senku seeks to rebuild the world through scientific power.

Senku is a genius, and while most of us aren’t able to match his levels of knowledge of science, Senku has a huge concentration on community.

There are many kinds of communities of people, they say, and the genius of Senku helps to enhance the natural talents of the people around him.

The things that he designs are truly remarkable, given that mankind was brought back to the Stone Age.Water wheels and steel blades, ramen, and even a functioning car are very easy to achieve.

The show goes above and beyond to teach you how and also gives a helpful caution not to replicate the more risky stunts.

No matter what the stone age, or even the modern age, the quest for scientific discovery is never-ending with new and improved versions of the previous models.

2. Golden Boy

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At first glance, Golden Boy seems to be just a tale of an uninvolved goofball who is smitten with a woman and does his best to be close to her.

But, if you dig into the deeper aspects of Kintaro Oe’s story, you’ll discover a very sincere young man who has not lost his passion for learning and studying.

Instead of seeking a law degree, Kintaro decided to travel to Japan while bouncing through jobs.

So the man acquires numerous abilities and knowledge that he notes down in notebooks.His manner of treating women leaves something to be desired, but the man doesn’t make use of them, instead opting to learn from each new experience.

All he desires is to learn and study.To make a point, the biker drives over electric lines, shouting “Study!” as he is racing against a motorcycle.

If that’s not enough to make you feel committed, you don’t even know what will.The hot, childish, and outlandish show, over all else, encourages the love of discovering new things.

1. Assassination Classroom

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No shortage of anime focuses on school or mentors.The one that offers the best with its life lessons and fun includes the Assassination Classroom.

Korosensei does not just teach pupils how to excel academically but also how to be successful personally.

There is a real sense of self-improvement that the show makes every effort to communicate.Every failure is an opportunity to improve, and every win deserves to be celebrated.Everyone should know that they have someone who will be there for them.

It’s odd in a show where the main objective is to murder teachers. However, the parallels between taking an exam and shooting an opponent are significant.

The plot for the assassination is dressed up, in fact, and serves as a concrete indicator of what the pupils have learned.

Through Koro-sensei’s belief and direction, the students are taught that no matter what the world is a burden, they should not let themselves down.“

That concludes our list! We hope you like it. It can be anything. It’s amazing what slapping an anime face on an activity can do for our motivation.

  1. Do any of the entries on this list inspire you?
  2. If not, what anime has inspired or inspired you?

There’s nothing wrong with discovering an interest or new passion through anime.Inspiring is inspiration, and seeing these larger-than-life images of these things is the best method of discovering them.

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