I'm Never You, She's the One, Twas the Night Before Christmas Prison Re-Mix, Mom, Poetic Graffiti, New (2024)

I’m Never You

July 10th, 2023

I think maybe you’re a little nuts,

Just a little bit different,

I just hate your guts

A crazy old bastard,

There’s no me without you,

A man can’t pick his father,

This much is so true,

So many beatings,

Lost in all your screaming,

Was a man lost to sin,

You battled that demon,

And we paid the cost,

Mom acted like she didn’t know,

And our innocence was lost,

So many happy kids,

But not us at all,

I know you were hurting,

You were so brutal,

Took it out onto us,

Just wanted to smile,

But we were so afraid of you,

I grew and after a while,

I lost all my fear,

I stood up to you,

You didn’t cry one tear,

When I slammed that door,

And walked out on all the pain,

You raged and raged,

Lost and quite insane,

Now I am a dad,

I show them love,

And I pray all the time,

To God above,

I’m never you

She’s the One

December 5th, 2022

Keep on dreaming softly,

Be a shame to wake you,

I cannot believe that baby,

I met someone so new,

It cannot be real right,

Lost in the moments we share,

Just want to hold on,

Just to know that you care,

Makes my heart melt,

I don’t want this to ever end,

I know the dark is out there,

Pain is just around the bend,

But tonight all is pure,

Just me and just her,

Lost in epiphany and solace,

As you gently breathe and stir,

This is so true and so good,

I just want to believe,

I found something worth finding,

I used to be blind and naïve,

But tonight I am aware,

Of every little thing,

I am awake and so completely,

Unafraid of what morning will bring,

Always and forevermore,

It used to be just for fun,

But I swear to God,

She’s the one,

Twas the Night Before Christmas Prison Re-Mix

December 2nd, 2017

Twas the night before Christmas

And not a soul did move

Not Big Al nor Nasty Nate

Not even Mousey Mike did groove

All the convicts are sleeping tight

While Carl the night C/O does his rounds

Now they all dreamt of being free again

Or at least to have a release on Grounds

Now Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick stayed away

And not out of fright

No, because the prison is a no-fly zone

And the C/O’s shoot on sight

Now there’s hooch and prison brownie

Left out none the less for the jolly old elf

And the shanks are put away

Well, at least on the shelf

Today no one will be stabbed

Beat, or raped in their cells

It is a day of caring and peace

Rival gangs exchange gifts of love

And not blows for once

You don’t have to look above

To find a slice of heaven

It’s at Fort Dodge State Prison you see

And if these psychos can get along

Then why can’t you and me??


February 20th, 2022

You held me so close,

When I was so small,

You changed my diapers,

You gave me your all,

And as I grew older,

Stronger and so tall,

You always had my back,

You caught my fall,

You were my inspiration,

And you were my friend,

I miss you very much,

You’ve traveled around that bend,

I miss hearing your voice,

And I miss seeing your smile,

Your sweet Christmas fudge,

And your old fashioned style,

I miss you doing your puzzles,

You were the bomb,

And though your gone,

I will always love you mom,

Poetic Graffiti

April 16th, 2023

Kaleidoscopic visions in my head,

Dancing prisms in my sight,

Sometimes I ponder am I dead,

Lonely lost in the middle of the night,

Melancholy blue in my rancid heart,

Let’s me down and pulls at my brain,

The chemicals drag me all apart,

Slowly impossibly I go insane,

Tears flow and the song ends,

If I were a man I’d care,

Your words are the thing that rends,

So I curse the world and I swear,

To never ever love another,

What’s the point after all?

I’m just someone’s trash bother,

When the phone rings answer her call,

My abstract thoughts tear and purge,

All my decency and kindness,

Your memory’s nothing but a scourge,

I suffer from a foul soul blindness,

There’s no binding point to my words,

So don’t listen to the needy,

Just remember to feed the birds,

Just remember by Poetic Graffiti,


May 21st, 2023

Here we go on a lyric journey,

Just a few mandolin rhymes,

And your heart’s on a morgue gurney,

You live in the memory of a better time,

So swallow those arsenic purple pills,

Cause you’ll be better tomorrow my dear,

You’ll run into the emerald hills,

And fly into that which you fear,

Why? Cause to heck with it is why,

And is it all lost in a hazy blur,

Or maybe you don’t want to cry,

You’ll never know for sure,

Eternal gloom of the broken mind,

I’m happiest when I’m sad,

To hell with the ties that bind,

You see I’m quite bark raving mad,

You live in the jungle of steel and concrete,

For twelve long agonizing years,

And then see if your sanity’s complete,

When every day just sears,

Into your fragile conscious egg,

Like a light that is never off,

No matter how much you beg,

So you just grin and scoff,

Find your way in the unending night,

Dance with your eyes sowed shut,

Stand your ground and don’t flight,

Take it right in your gut,

Lost but not broken you see,

In a room without a view,

You dream of being free,

You long to be New

I'm Never You, She's the One, Twas the Night Before Christmas Prison Re-Mix, Mom, Poetic Graffiti, New (2024)
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