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2-B IAMPA MORNING TRICUNE, TUESDAY, APRIL 2C, 19-3 The Tribune's society columns are open to the If you have friends visiting you--if you are To insure publication the EVENTS IN SOCIETY A card to this department or telePublication of news of interest to women. going anywhero or coming home write next day Items should be phoned or sent phone. It will be appreciated by 6 p.m. the day before OFFICE PHONE 2628 MISS WILLIE COLLIER, Editor Approaching Marriage of Much Interest The announcement of the engagement approaching marriage of Miss Girlie Fraleigh, of Madison, to Mr. Peter Oliphant Knight, of Tampa, which was made Sunday, has caused wide interest socially.

througnout the ate. Miss Fraleigh is one of the most popular students at the Florida State College Women at Tallahassee, and is a young woman of unusual beauty and charm. She has Irequenty visited in Tampa, and her host of friends here are delighted to know that she is to make her future home here. Mr. Knight is a son of Col.

Peter 0. Knight and Mrs. Knight at present a student at the University of Florida. He is a young man of splendid qualities, and is also popular with a host of friends. The marriage of Miss Fraleigh and Mr.

Knight will be solemnized In June, and will be a brilliant and teresting social event. Interesting Wedding Solemnized The marriage of Miss Alice S. Wilson and Mr. I. J.

Livingston was quietly solemnized Sunday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock at the First Baptist Church, Rev. George Hyman, officiating, only a few close friends of the bride and groom being present The bride was very attractive in handsome ensemb costume coeca shaded georgette, with becoming hat and other accessories to match. and her flowers were a corsage of bride roses and valley lilies. Fonowing the ceremony the nappy couple left for a motor trip return through will re th State, and upon their at home at 116 Souta Delaware Avenue. LOVELY BIRTHDAY PARTY Andy Harwell.

ENTERTAINED IN GAINESVILLE The of Mr. and Mrs. B. M. -Starns homey Watrous Avenue was the scene when pretty their party charming little yesterday daughter, afternoon, Jane, celebrated sevena th number birthday of her anniversary, young friends entertaining The rooms were beautifully decordelightfully.

ated with yellow and whire baskets flowers and effectively In the arranged dining room the table in vases. with the birthday cake was ornamented centered with seven yellow candencircled with baskets of les, yellow and white flowers. and All childish hearts were enjoyed and a kinds of merry games dear to of pinning the donkey's tail contest afforded much entertainment, the consisting colored of a balloons dainty Sox of candy. Gay prize for this were given as souvenirs and there were also novelty which paper delighted caps each snapping favors young guest. refreshments Were serDelicious during the afternoon, Mrs.

Starns ved entertaining by being sister, Miss, assisted Roberta Austin. Those enjoying Carroll, this Vida Claire lovely party were: Frances Sutton Dorthy Mae Knight, Helen. Belva Chambers, Katherine Savarese, Elaine Ruberia, Wetherell, Betty Carroll, Betty Knight. Leah. Arthur Wade, Joe Leon, Jack Mullin, Mac McLeod, W.

Charles Ned Harwell, Eyars, Harwell. Lidie WhitTampa friends of will be interested in Miss In of this city from the Gainesville the following Sun: Whiting, an attractive "Miss Lidie younger set, member of Tampa's her aunt, Mrs. is the guest University TerHarold Coles. in last night at an race, was the Coles' resiinformal party at dence. were used in the "Shasta room daisies and sun parlors which drawing for dancing.

Mrs. were thrown her open niece in entertainColes assisted Ing. course with cake was ice guests were: included among Geer, the Miss Virginia Miss Prudence, Lucile Fowler, Miss Chitty. Simpson, Miss Nell McGarLouise Sallie Yon, Miss Nathalie Miss Roberta Lee Dorsey. Beville.

Elizabeth Miss Baxley, Miss Helen Eaton, H. D. Schaefer, Sinclair Summers, Louis Beville, Christie Kenney, Sydney Tohnson, Dale Vansickel, Louis Robertson, Charles Mizelle. Lathan Plummer. and Harold Wallace.

Thornton wore dancing frock "Miss Whiting a tafeta made on of pink changeable old fashioned lines." ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED and Mrs. T. L. of their Pelham anMr. nounce the to engagement H.

S. Mitdaughter, Lorene, marriage to be solemnized chell, the early in Jun. Church Fair to be CHURCH FAIR The four-day parish of Church given by the Holy Name, on the church of £305 Eighth Avenue, WIlL the Most rounds, Wednesday evening at 6 o'clock. begin Spaghetti supper be An Italian Sodality will served by the the features of the festival. be one Children of of Mary will have charge of the fancy work booth.

Among otnThe sponsoring this affair Club. will be Pro- the ers Young Men's used Catholic for the paying or ceeds will be is cordially invited to church expenses. attend, The public music will be furnished by Ficcio's band and electric Tampa lighting Elecwill be done by the tric Company. On Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock KENNY-GRAY the marriage of Mr. and Mrs.

E. B. of Miss Gladys Gray Gray, daughter of Sturgis, and Mr. Clyde Kenny, of Tampa, Mrs. was S.

A. solemnized Bass, 213 at the home of Beach Place. Dr. John Park T. Myers, Methodist pastor of the Hyde guests, friends and relaChurch, officiating.

tives of the bride and groom. Twenty gathered in the prettily ceremony, decorated parlors to follewed witness the dinner at which was by a the Mr. Hotel and Mrs. Kenny will make their Puritan. future home in Tampa.

MAGNOLIA CAMP of R. Magnolia N. A. R. N.

All A. at members Plant City, Wednesday at 8 o'clock at the K. of P. night who have cars are rehall. to Members invite others to go with meet at Y.

M. A. corquested them, 7 and o'clock, where the purple and will be placed on their cars. ner at white Announcement is made of the marMARRIAGE ANNOUNCED of Miss Ruth Meehan and Mr. riage of Boone.

Iowa, Elder Joe Morley, a minister of the ReSelzer 1. Church of Christ of Latter E. of which the bride is a organized Saints. member, Mrs. officiating.

Seizer will make their Mr. and homes in Sarasota. The GLEANERS Gleaners Class of the First CLASS Raptist Church afternoon will be at 3:30 entertained o'clock the Wednesday home of Mrs. Milton Mabry, at Road and Culbreath Aveon Roxmere nue, Peach Park. FORTNIGHTLY fortnightly DANCE dance will given and Wednesday Country evening Club.

at Dinthe be Tamne Yacht served preceding the ner will at re 7:30 o'clock and reservations dance made as early as possible. srould be LAWRENCE FARRIOR DR. Practice limited to Surgery and Surgical Diagnosis 312 Citizens Bank Bldg, Social Calendar TUESDAY- Annual garden party of Friday Morning Musicale at home of Mrs. E. H.

Hart, on Nebraska Avenue, 3 to 10 p.m. Meeting of Tampa Woman's Club at club house on Plant Avenue, 3 p.m. Business meeting of Beta Phi Sigma fraternity at Chapter house, 818 South Rome Avenue, 7:30 p.m. Mrs. J.

M. Frazier and Miss Elsie Nixon will entertain with tea at home of former in Beach Park, honoring Mrs. A. D. Beusse, 4 to 6 p.m.

Monthly meeting of Tampa Club of Colonial Dames at home of Mrs. S. L. Lowry, on Plant Avenue, 10 a.m. WEDNESDAY- Fortnightly dance at Tampa Yacht and Country Club.

9 p.m. Dinner served at 7:30 p.m. THURSDAY- Group No. 1 of Friday Morning Musicale will give benefit concert at Tampa Bay Casino, directed by Prof. Carl A.

Geisser, 8 p.m. FRIDAY- Annual business meeting of Friday Morning Musicale in music rooms. Tampa Bay Casino, 10 a.m. Meeting of board managers of Friday Morning Musicale in music rooms, Tampa Bay Casino, 9 a.m. HONOR ROLL RECITAL The Honor Roll Recital of the Student Department of the Friday Morning Musicale which took place Saturday afternoon at the Tampa Bay Casino, marked the close of a successful vear's work.

under the leadership of Mrs. Frank Jackson, president. and Miss Hulda Kreher, director. Mrs. Jackson spoke of the pride of the Senior department felt in the Junior organization of the high standards for which the children worked, and the unfailing interest shown throughout the entire season.

She spoke particularly of the requirements for the Honor Roll and the pleasure the Club took in th their presentation. A charming courtesy much. appreciated by all. was the placing of a new grand by Mr. M.

L. Price of Price Music for the use of the children in this recital. Piano, voice. violin and readings ere well represented on the program, and a pretty feature of the afternoon was the grouping of the Honor Roll children on the stage facing the audience. Those taking, par'.

were: Winifred Bush, Carison, Katherine Carrol, Katherine Carter, Mary Louise Dearman, Rachael Dervaes. Sarah Dickens, Ruth Frecker, Louise Harrison. Josephine Johnson. Marguerite Kreher. Carol Lyons, Leiza McLendon.

Mary McGraw, Martha Menendez, Eugenia Menendez, Sam Pittman and Mildred Wallace. This recital closed a vear of proa grams well balance' 1 between the Classical and the Modern. attendance has been exceptional under all weather conditions. and the stress of other duties. The membership numbers about 100.

and the outstanding feature has been the organization of a Children's Orchestra. This numbers forty pieces, and has a most enthusiastic membership. The orchestra will blav for the public during National Music Week in the First Baptist Church Tuesday, May 5 at 8 o'clock in th evening. The educational value of the work in this Student body, is gradually beg felt throughout the city. It has indeed.

proven itself an invaluable training school in public performance for young musicians. PRESENTED HANDSOME GIFT In token of appreciation for her services, Miss Marian Blake was presented with a beautiful platinum bracelet set with sapphires and diamonds last Saturday a night by Mr. Alfred S. Metzner, manager of the Rialto. Miss Blake completed her contract.

with the company last week. She will leave Tampa the later part of this week for New York City, where she plans a long vacation. K. A. HOUSE PARTY A number of Tampa's younger set will motor, to Gainesville the coming week-end to attend the Kappa Alpha house party to be given by the K.

A. fraternity, of the University of Florida. With reference. to the affair, the Gainesville Sun says: "The social calendar among the college set for the week is crowded with events, among the most prominent the house party with members of the Kappa Alpha fraternity hosts at their beautiful home on West University avenue. The house party cial event on the program in nabegins Thursday with the first: SOture of a buffet supper, followed by an informal "Friday morning the house party hosts and their guests included among whom will be girls from 36 states, will motor to Earlton and spend the day fishing, swimming and canoeing.

Friday evening the bers of the Sigma Chi fratenity are giving their Easter. festival at the Woman's Club, the girls and boys to return from Earlton in time to participate in the fun. "Saturday morning a house party breakfast will start the day's social plans with an informal dance in the afternoon at the Woman's Club. After breakfast Sunday morning goodbyes will be said and the fair guests depart for home. Chaperones will include Mrs.

William Baker of Jacksonville; Mrs. W. A. Shands, Mrs. D.

M. Cody, Mrs. B. F. Williamson.

Mrs. Pound, Mrs. E. Finley Cannon, and others. FIDELIS CLASS.

The regular meeting of the Fidelis Class of the Seminole Heights Baptist Church was held recently home of Miss Gamma Dawson. teacher of the Class. Officers were elected as follows during the business session: President. Miss Vida Burnside: first vicepresident, Miss Mary Walker: second vice- Miss Mildred Hobbs; third vice-president, Miss Maxine Sharp; secretary and treasurer, Miss Lois Burnside. After the business meeting the guests enjoyed a social hour.

with dainty refreshments served i by the hostess. Those present were: Misses Ethel Dawson, Burnside, Lois Burnside, Willie Mae Pollard, Mary Walker, Maxine Sharp, Florence Hobbs, Mildred Hobbs, Athenia Johnson, Katherine Haynes, Katherine Jones. Clara Spencer, Helen Bowman, Ann Bledsoe. Ruth Wells, Iva Wells, Marle Jones. Jessie Mae Findley, India Penholster.

PUTS-SORES Cleanse thoroughly--then, without rubbing, applyVICKS Over 17 Million Jars Used Yearly Says Its Better to Be Loved? Be Kissed To Love or For Wives to Dorothy Dix Kiss Than In Picking Out a Husband, Girls, Choose the Man You Love Rather Than the One Who's Dead in Love With You, For the Happiest Women Are Thsoe Who. Are Crazy About Their Husbands YOUNG woman wants to know A whether it is better to marry the man loves or the man who loves her. Both. I should say. Marriage should be a mutual benefit association, in which both parties should give and receive in which they love and are loved in equal measure.

Cupid, however, is no disDenser of justice. He rarely holds the scales even. Very few husbands and wives feel the same amount of affection for each other. In almost every married couple, one kisses and the other submits to being kissed, as the French proverb cynically puts it. This being the case, it is better for the woman to the kissee, bebe the kisser than cause, while it is a misfortune to a woman never to be loved.

it is a tragedy to her never to love. Of course, every woman desires to be worshiped by some man she dreams of having a husband who will be a perpetual lover and spend his life laying tributes at her feet. She feels that she would be perfectly happy doing the goddess-on-apedestal act, and occasionally deigning to bestow a kind word on her adorer, as one throws a bone to a dog. Obsessed by this romantic vision, which flatters her vanity, many a woman is beguiled into marrying a man for whom she has only a mild liking. because he is SO crazy about her.

She thinks that he can supply enough love that will be happy satisfied with just fond being loved. It does not take her long to find out that she has made a sad mistake. and that there is nothing with as we can with the affection we do which we can get so a easily fed up not return. Nor are there any greater bores than those who love us, who cling to us, who want to be always with we do not love and of whom tired to death. wheel All of us know door -mat husbands, whose wives ruthlessly trample them under foot.

We all know peevish, disgruntled, discontented wives, whose husbands slave to give them luxuries for which they never get so much as a "Thank you." We have all held up our hands in horror when some wife left a good, devoted husband and eloped with another man or racked her trunk and hiked out for Hollywood. and we wondered what was the matter with these women that they were not satisfied with their husbands' love. The trouble with them was that they had married men who loved them instead of men they loved. If they had been doing the love-making and trying to hold the affections of husbands whom they suspected every flapper was trying to steal from them, they would have been too busy, too thrilled and interested to get into mischief. There are many reasons why a WOman who is contemplating matrimony should lay greater upon the state her own affections than she 'or aces upcn the man's.

The principal one, of course, is because a woman is ten times as much married to her husband as he is to her, and therefore it is ten times more important that she should be leased with her bargain than it is that he should be satisfied with his. A married man has a million interests. and distractions, and ments. and compensations outside of his home, and if his wife does not turn out to be all that his fondest fancy painted her, he has his business to fall back upon, his ambition and his career to console him. He is never wholly dependent on his wife for his happiness.

OPERETTA TO' BE GIVEN On Friday night, May 1, the operetta, Cinderella In Flowerland, will be presented in the music room of the Tampa Bay Casino at 7:45 o'clock. Among the lading characters are: Robin, Gwendolyn O'Berry, Daisy, Louisa Binnicker: Prince Sunshine, Helen Verne Shaw; Bonny Bee. Frances Macon: Tiger Lily, Dorris Griffin; Hollyhock and Martha Alice McMinn. This entertaining little play is under the auspices of Group 4 of the Gleaners Class. the proceeds to be used towards the chimes fund of the First Baptist Church.

The public is invited to attend. TAMPA WOMAN'S CLUB The educational department o. the Tampa Woman's Club will present its last program for the season Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mrs. R.

H. Edwards is chairman of the program and promises an interesting afternoon. The subject will be Our Opportunity school and the address will be given by an instructor of that school. Music will be furnished by the Music BOBBED HAIR looks wonderful with the tiny tint of Golden Glint -(adv.) Children Quickly Learn To Rely On Cuticura To soothe and heal the rashes and skin irritations of childhood. Daily use of Cuticura Soap, assisted by Cuticura Ointment, will.

keep the skin and scalp clean and healthy and prevent simple irritations from becoming serious. Soap 25c. Ointment 25 and 50c. Talcum 25c. Sold everywhere.

Sample each free. Address: ticura Laboratories, Dept. 35F, Maltien, Cuticura Shaving Stick 25c. Most Beautiful Girl At Newcomb College APPROACHING MARRIAGE Mr. and Mrs.

John Samuel Davis College of riage gagement Tarpon of their and Springs, daughter, approaching announce John the Mitchell, ento Mr. Guiley Roger Clarke, the wedding to take place June 10 at Tarpon Springs. But a woman stakes her all on her matrimonial gamble, and if she does not love her husband, if she does not find happiness in her home, she has nothing. It is only love that can make marriage worth while to a wife: only love that can rob its sacrifices of their bitterness and make the dull daily round of domestic duties a thrilling adventure. A woman should always marry a man with whom she is very much in love.

because it insures her a stimulating and interesting life. The reuson that most women run down and get slack and slouchy is because they are bored to tears with domesticity. They do not care for their husbands and so they take no trouble to please them. But the woman who is in love with her husband, who married the man she wanted, i is on her tiptoes all of the time. She means to keep him and she takes no chances on disillusioning him with curl papers, and cold cream, and bad cooking, and tantrums.

She is eternally in pursuit; and while there may be times when she gets tired and feels as if she would like to sit down and take things easy, still there is denying that the love chase puts pep in any lady's day. A woman should never marry any man except the one with whom she is very much in love, because every woman craves romance, and if she doesn't get it at home she is very apt to seek it abroad, or else she goes through life hungry and unsatisfied. The wives who get into scandals; who think they find soul mates in their preachers or their doctors, or long -haired roets: the wives who run off after strange cults and who burden down the mails with letters to movie actors are all women who married men they didn't love. The women who are crazily in love with their husbands make their own angel's food at home and don't have to go around trying to pick up stray crumbs on the street. So I say, girls, in picking out a husband.

choose the man you love, rather than the one who loves you. It is more thrilling to kiss Chan to be kissed. (Copyright by DOROTHY, DIX. Company.) MISS TROPE AIMEE ROY A charming manner and dignified poise are attributes which won lor Miss Rose Aimee Roy, senior in music at Newcomb College, New Orleans, the title of "Most Beautiful Girl in Newcomb," the women's department of Tulane University. It was a victory for long tresses over pobbed hair, LEADERSHIP The Result of Sound Principles and the Best Kind of Service SERVICE, an unbroken reputation for honesty and fair dealing, creative merchandising, and unusual valuegiving are the principles upon which this institution is founded.

We believe that the business which serves the public best establishes a definite leadership, and tha' re in South Florida is Maas Brothers. We are now in the midst of preparations for an unusual event, with the purpose of expressing in a definite and practical way the gratitude we feel toward our valued customers. Watch for Further Details Noaas Brothers, GREATERTAMPA'S GREATEST STORE. Blemishes Vanish leaving a soft, clear skin. The antiseptic and astringent action discourages wrinkles and other complexion ills and gives your skin an appearance of entrancing beauty.

Made in white, flesh, rachel. Send 10c. for Trial Size Ferd. T. Hopkins Son, New York City GOURAUD'S ORIENTAL.

CREAM The bride is a young woman of unusval charm and culture and her has made her a fu vorite with a host of friends. She is originally from Green Cove Springs, but has resided in Tampa for several years, and is a sister of Mrs. Dozier Devane of Washington, D. C. formerly of Tampa.

Mr. Livingston is originally from Georgia, but has been 'n Tampa for seVeral years, and for the bast jour vears has been connected with the Shon Department of Maas Bros. He is well known and highly esteemed by a wide circle of friends, who will join in wishing him and his" charming brute every future nappiess. Social Personals Mrs. E.

D. Lambright her mother, Mrs. M. L. Finch, ando has been her house guest for several weeks, left yesterday by motor for Orinado, where Mrs.

Finch visit other relatives. Mrs. J. P. Bennett, sister-in-law of Mrs.

Lambright who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Lambright for a few weeks, accompained will motor on to Daytona. Mrs. Benthem, and a she and Mrs.

Lambright nett going from there to Jacksonville, where she will sail on the Clyde line for her home in Charleston, S. C. Mr. and Mrs. Charles B.

Sweet, of Bayshore Julia Avenue will leave today by motor for Detroit where they have been called count of the illness of the latter's mother, Mrs. L. L. Wilson in that city. From Detroit.

Mr. and Mrs. Sweet will motor through Illinois into Canada, and will not return to Tampa until Fall. Mrs. Guy Gulley left Sunday for Lake City, where she was called on account of the death of her brotherin- law, Mr.

W. O. Chambliss. Mr. and Mrs.

A. C. Giurlie and children will sail from New York. June 27 for London, England and from there will go to Ireland former home of Mr. Gourlie, where they will 1 visit relatives.

They will also visit France and otrer interesting countries before returning, and will re absent about three months. Mrs. L. L. Parks -ni little daughter, Mary, and Mrs.

Lee Adams have returned from Pass-a-Grill, where they have been spending the past week. Mr. R. A. Meier has returned from Fort Myers, where he spent the weekend with friends.

Miss Dell Hampton, who is spending two weeks in Plant City was the week-end guest of Miss Marvis Perry. Miss Hampton accompained by her mother, Mrs. H. A. Hampton and sister Miss Bess Hampton, will leave srortly for New York and New Hampshire where they will spend the Summer.

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Moffatt, of Sarasota, spent vesterday in Tampa and were cordially greeted by their friends in this city. Mr. and Mrs.

T. Davis Henley have arrived in Tampa from their wedding trip and are naw at home at 210 South Newport Avenue. Mrs. Henley was before marriage last, week, Miss Esther Clark, of Inverness. BETA PHI SIGMA There will be a meeting of the Beta Phi Sigma fraternity Tuesday night at 7:30 o'clock at the Chapter house, 818 South Rome Avenue.

This will be an important business meeting and all members are urged to be present. COLONIAL DAMES TO MEET The regular monthly meeting of the Tampa Club of Colonial Dames will be held Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock at the home of Mrs. S. L. Lowry, 333 Plant Avenue.

HOUSEHOLD SUGGESTIONS Will Soften Polish That hardened shoe polish will be just as good as new if you add a little turpentine to it. The polish will soften and the turpentine mixed in will give the leather a more brilliant luster. Fresh Ink 'Stains If ink is spilled on white silk and turpentine is available, saturate it with it at once and keep it wet for several hours. By then you will be able to remove the stain by rubbing the material between the fingers. Scrubbing Brushes After using the scruhbing brush, rinse in cold water and then turn bristles downward.

The water will run out and the brush will dry quickly. If allowed to dry on its back the water will soak into the wood and loosen the bristles. Safe and Unsafe Matches Use safety matches every place in the home except in the kitchen. No woman feels she has time to bother with safety matches when getting a meal. But there matches can be made safe by keeping them high and in a tin box with a lid.

The lid can be removed over the meal time, but replaced afterward and keep the matches safe from mice and other causes of accident. Good Things to Eat Cream Pie One-third cup of butter, 1 cup sugar, 1-2 cup milk, 2 eggs, 3-4 cup flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder. Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs and then sifted flour and baking powder. Bake in cake After cooling, split the layers and fill with cream filling and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Cream filling: One cup sugar, 1-3. cup flour, 2 well-beaten eggs, 1-2 cups milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla. Mix flour, sugar and eggs and stir into the hot milk. Cook for ten minutes in a double-boiler, add vanila, cool and spread between. layers of above cake.

Food Facts. Lamb cutlets are delicious served on toast with braised onions and Hollandaise sauce. Try rolling your croquettes in crushed corn flakes instead of bread crumbs, for a change. The small, hard tomatoes are delicious scooped out and filled with ice-cold shrimps. Mayonnaise and lettuce, of course, complete the salad.

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phone residence 91-619 Office hours 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Have Your Eyes Examined at H. A. Porterfield OPTOMETRIST AND OPTICIAN Graduation Specials For Boys 14-K.

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