Yasmin Le Bon: 'my daughters' style is more conventional than mine' (2024)

Greetings from Château Le Bon. Location: Putney. Population: who knows? 
 ‘It’s pure chaos,’ says Yasmin Le Bon, head of hospitality. 
‘I have so many people here, it’s practically a commune.

My niece, her boyfriend, my nephew, my middle daughter’s boyfriend, my best friend’s daughter and her boyfriend, my middle daughter’s best friend… People come to my house and sort of never leave. It’s a bit crazy and slightly chaotic, but it is fun.’

Simon Le Bon, Yasmin’s husband (and the lead singer of Duran Duran) once boasted of his supermodel wife, ‘She’s more rock’n’roll than Keith Richards, Keith Moon and all the other Keiths put together.’ Cut to 2017 and Yasmin, 53, has traded Paris nightclubs and backstage excesses for walks with the dog and a wheat-free diet, but the spark is still there.

‘It’s just an outlook, isn’t it?’ she says. ‘If you’re a bit rock’n’roll, you can’t help it. No matter whether you’ve got your slippers and your pipe, you will still be rock’n’roll.’

Yasmin entered the fashion world at a moment when the models themselves often constituted the most exciting part of any story. Alongside Christy, Cindy, Linda and Naomi, there was Yasmin Parvaneh, the dark-eyed beauty with the rock-star partner.

It says a lot about how thoroughly she embodied British cool that she was on the cover for the November 1985 launch issue of Elle UK – and a lot about Yasmin that the cover depicted her smiling. ‘It was a golden era,’ she says.

‘We worked incredibly hard, but had a great deal of fun and were very much part of a creative process, always. We were quite an empowered bunch of women.’

Empowered and iconic – so much so that when Ralph Lauren opened a new women’s store in Manhattan in 2011, the brand commissioned mannequins with her face. She’s worked steadily for more than three decades, and not only on the runway.

Last season Yasmin turned designer for Winser London, the modern workwear brand. When she modelled for the label ahead of its 2013 launch, she felt an ‘instant connection’ with owner Kim Winser.

‘It just seemed there was something really important they were saying and doing. There was a void of wearable, quality clothes that didn’t cost the earth – things that are timeless.’

When Winser asked if Yasmin would like to design her own collection, it was an easy yes. For the second instalment, she has created a throw-on-and-go tweed jacket, a ruffle-sleeved jumper and the suit of her dreams.

‘The suit was something I absolutely had to have. It’s got that double-breasted, slightly longer jacket with bigger shoulders, so it’s tailored, but a little bit edgy while still being really comfortable.’

She insists the pieces are very her, even if her daughters do keep nicking them. ‘It is a very fluid thing, my wardrobe. My daughters are constantly in and out.’ That’s partly because they’re extraordinarily close (Amber, 28, Saffron, 26, and Tallulah, 23, all live at home – ‘I swear I’m going cut the umbilical cord this year. OK, not this year, next year’), and partly a function of blurred generational lines.

‘There is no generation gap. In the past it would have been awful to say you dress like your mother, but now there’s such crossover. We listen to the same music, go to the same places, wear the same clothes – just slightly differently.’

Yasmin calls her style ‘more courageous – 
they’re a bit more conventional’, something borne out by recent red-carpet photos of Yasmin and Amber at Tommy Hilfiger’s 'Tommy Now: Rock Circus' show during London Fashion Week.

Amber is the one in a floral maxi dress; Yasmin wears a cricket jumper as a dress with pointed black ankle boots. ‘I can’t help that,’ she says. ‘I’ve always had this slight punk element to everything 
I do. It’s the generation I come from.’

She advises her daughters to have fun and take care of their bodies, with the emphasis on enjoyment – and she herself sounds at peace with the ageing process today.

‘My body has been amazing, done all sorts of things and it’s got all sorts of wear and tear, as it should. I mean, my face has wear and tear, too. It should look like I’ve lived. I spent a long time creating these lines and they are there for a reason. It doesn’t mean 
I love them, but… being kind to yourself 
has got to be the number-one rule.’

She pauses. ‘Happiness is something that’s very poignant right now. The world is quite a dark and dismal place with a lot of awful things going on. Wherever you can derive that little bit of joy – and it could be anything, a candy-pink sweater you’ve worn that day, the shapes in the sky on a long drive – is really important,’ she says.

‘I’m probably going to be sectioned now, talking about shapes in the sky. But no. There is so much that is dismal, we need to have hope. There’s beauty absolutely everywhere, you know, if you have your eyes open.’

Yasmin Le Bon: 'my daughters' style is more conventional than mine' (2024)
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